Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Kiwi

I'm pretty bored right here, right now. So what usually i will do is find some videos to watch or write something here to cure my boredom. I've found a video which is very meaningful to us, in our life to achieve our dreams and another very cute yet funny video of a little kid.

As we know, kiwis can't fly. Yet that doesn't mean all kiwis want to fly. It's impossible to fly anyways, why bother? This unique character in this short animation showed us that even through the effort, dedication and death, it's willing to do whatever it takes to achieve its dream - to fly.

The kiwi's character appealed to us as it shows natural characteristics as well as being amicable. ;)

We all can relate to this kiwi, someway or another. How much you're willing to go for your dream?

And here is the video of the little kid.

It really make me laugh and his character some how kinda same with mine. haha.. maybe not.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour 09

As i promised i will update the pics on the Earth Hour night. Too bad i didn't bring my camera along with me. I planned to have a little fun to play candles during the Earth Hour. Before that me, remy and my lui bao went up to Bukit G nearby to see the KL view with not much lights. To our surprise, there a lot of people around there and we have to park our car quite far and there is not much difference before and during the earth hour, what can we see is only KLCC lights been switched off and alot of cars stop by the road side to see the view, not much difference i would say.

Ive found something funny in the net regarding Earth Hour. hahaha
and another pic but is not related to Earth Hour 09 but UMNO 2008, yeah is 2008 is not typo error or UMNO made a mistake but the Perhimpunan Agong UMNO supposed to be held last year.

Here is the pic, the New Era of Umno:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The day has come - Earth Hour

Finally the day has come where everyone have to switch off their lights for 1 hour to save energy, yea..and tonight might be playing candles too but not sure whether still on or not. No confirmation yet. I hope i can take nice pics tonight, hopefully the candles night still on

Earth Hour 2009 aims to reach more than one billion people in 1000 cities around the world, inviting communities, business and governments to switch off their lights. So why nbt eh? it just switch lights anyway.

this is the pic for last year Earth Hour at Kuala Lumpur:
HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! come on you Malaysian!!! be more supportive this year!!

i'll update the pics later if i can get any pics later at night.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hypertune - track day@dato sagor

Track days give you the chance to drive your own car on a private, purpose built track - away from other traffic, obstacles and speed cameras! The track days experience will increase your awareness of vehicle dynamics in relation to your own car and basic driving errors will be identified and eradicated giving more feel for your vehicle within your own limits. Ideal for performance car users and track day enthusiasts with bespoke tuition packages.

So my friends been telling me how fun during the track day they had in Sepang International Circuit this and that and been inviting me to join but i not really interested at first. Because to race in the track is not cheap, for some people like me which is still studying. You need to have at least RM400 for the entrance fees, to race in a open day for 3 hours, petrol, wears and tares

But at last i joined them, at a smaller track at Dato Sagor, Kampung Gajah, the cheaper one. It's worth the money because you can have fun longer than SIC track day which only allowed for 3 hours only but at Dato Sagor you can have fun for 6 hours and it's private means no other people than your friends can be there.

Here are the pics taken from the track day with the Hypertune gang few months back. It was a great experience driving on the track and also the first and last time for my car be on the track.

this is the Dato Sagor track layout
meeting up with the rest
preparing for the run, everyone busy changing tires and some busy smoking =P

my 1st run

after few warm up laps..even Skyline cant run away from me =P

The smoker of the day

the FD2R type R!!!

ikhwan' car broke down middle of the track..haha

now my car's turn. power steering oil overflowed

leong and i..preparing to get sick in his car
after for 2 hours..is time for a smoking break..

the geng

It was a great experience to get to know your car better, to know its characteristics of your car so when you will know your car's limit. Or else is gonna be like my ex-car (below).I've learned my lesson, obey the rules!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Which one do you prefer? Capitalism or Communism

For those who know a little bit of economy surely heard of capitalism and communism. In the studies of economy system, Capitalism is an economic system in which wealth, and the means of producing wealth, are privately owned and controlled rather than commonly, publicly, or state-owned and controlled. Through capitalism, the land, labor, and capital are owned, operated, and traded by private individuals either singly or jointly, and investments, distribution, income, production, pricing and supply of goods, commodities and services are determined by voluntary private decision in a market economy. While the Communism is a socioeconomic structure and political ideology that promotes the establishment of an egalitarian, classless, stateless society based on common ownership and control of the means of production and property in general.

In conclusion, we will normally choose to be in a country with capitalism economy system so that we have the freedom to buy or sell whatever we wanted to. But i have found a very interesting article that communism in not that bad after all. It's quite long tho. Take your time to read it.
Around 20 years ago McDonalds got a permission from the Communist Party of Soviet Union to open its first rest in Soviet Russia. It was not only the first McDonalds but generally the first fast food place in Russia ever. People from all over the Russia when visiting Moscow wanted to visit this “pearl of the capitalism” so there were literary a few mile long lines of the visitors to this place.

Here I am going to tell you a story of one country. I guess you’ve heard some facts on its past but I am practically sure you don’t know some exact details. So the country in question is USSR, the country which doesn’t exist now, since 1991.

The topic of the article is connected with richness, but it’s impossible to understand the roots of the problem if not to make a little digression and to learn some facts about USSR. The main thing I want to point your attention at was a fact that in USSR there was no right for private property for individuals. This might seem unbelievable but it’s true. Nobody was allowed to own things greater than his toothbrush or tv-set. Just stop for a second and try to imagine if all the things that you are got used to would become impossible for you to own. You can’t own your house or apartment (apartments in USSR were just registered for a person’s name but belonged to the state). You don’t own your property so you can’t sell it and buy new, you can’t just sell it and get money for it! In USSR nobody could buy a property for himself, property was assigned to a person or to a family by a decision of a local branch of Communist party. And more than that you are not allowed to start a business and to own the things connected with business – you can’t have a shop, a warehouse, a service company, actually only state could own any companies. Tell me, but please honestly, can you imagine yourself living in such a place?

If you can’t imagine, then I’ll try to give some more clues how did people live. Many of people that were living during that times don’t have bad memories. You would wonder, how comes? I can explain, they got used to such a life from their birth. If you never knew that you can have more than you already have then probably you won’t desire or regret about this.

All the information, regarding the life abroad of USSR was restricted. If some information appeared – it was totally censored and was limited to criticizing “evil capitalism”. There were even no mass media that you could get information from. Remember, nobody was allowed to own a business? So there were no private TV or radio stations, or not even private newspapers. The number of TV channels were limited to two, yes two. Till the end of 80s people were getting only two TV channels and both of them of course were belonging to the state. Just imagine for a while you have two TV channels? What shows did they have on those two channels? No shows at all. These were governmental channels, only Soviet movies, Soviet singers, some Soviet educational programs and Soviet news. That’s all.

How about newspapers? Could people freely subscribe to newspapers and magazines they desired? Yes they could unless this newspaper or magazine is of a Soviet origin. People couldn’t have a right on getting newspapers from other countries. And Soviet papers had some weird names like “Red Star”, “Lenin’s Truth”, “Soviet Russia” etc. Remember that “iron curtain” term? That’s where it comes from.

More than that people couldn’t buy cars freely. There were no retail shops selling cars. You could get a special entry to a queue of around a few thousands of people before you. And then you had to wait a few years, or maybe more than 10 years to get your turn to spend your money on buying a car for yourself.

Was there something worth of living you might ask? Or it was really so bad bad bad? I can’t answer this question, because as I told you already there are numerous people, the old people, who now are nostalgic about that period in their life. What did they like there? I just can imagine a few things. First, you didn’t have to pay anything for your health support. No health insurances, no paid doctors, no need to save money for your new teeth. Everything is paid by government for you. You could visit any doctor in any part of Soviet state for free. You could live a whole life and don’t pay a penny for your health. Or how about going to college for free? Any high school student who graduated could go to a college, university or institute of his choice totally for free, of course if his knowledge level corresponded. Another thing – there were no poor people in terms of living on the street eating from trash bins and burning fires to warm themselves. Because all people were obliged to work and all jobs were in the hands of the state everybody worked and also because as I mentioned all the apartments belonged to the state – everybody had a place to live. But in general all the people, except top management of the Communist party, top scientists, top military man and other tops were poor if to compare with a middle class of any European country for that period of time. And that’s probably all of the positive that I could spot in the Soviet system from a first sight. Oh I forgot, people were even not allowed to travel abroad. Those who traveled were under strict control of KGB or intelligence service, just as well as all the foreigners that were allowed to pay a visit to a Soviet state.

Ok, and in the end of 80s the Soviet state collapsed. We won’t here touch all the reasons why, but mainly the reason was just because the system itself couldn’t any more support the citizens so the citizens were given a freedom. So the private property appeared and just imagine you lived your whole life without even knowing that you can buy things bigger than a bicycle, that you can own flats, houses or even factories and now you can. Of course 99% of people were shocked and helpless. 99% of people older than 40 couldn’t find themselves in the new situation.

But there were two groups of people who began acquiring the new horizons fast fast fast. First it was the former leaders of communist party from different levels (city leaders. Regional leaders and of course federal leaders). They all had knew necessary people, knew many ways in and out and most of them succeeded in becoming capitalists. How pathetic. And another group – it were a younger people, who could fast rearrange their inner system of beliefs for a new reality and start getting benefits of it fast.

So that was a situation in the country at the beginning of the 90s – a facresh class of young capitalists appeared, doing regular stuff – selling, buying, offering services and lying. And here we approach the most important event. The even that allowed a few people become the richest people in the world.

That event occurred when the Russian government decided that they can’t maintain all that property they had. Most of the factories, plants, commercial property was abandoned due to inability of the state government at that time to pay salaries. Many huge loans were taken from Worldbank and other foreign structures but they also couldn’t cover the needs. So at that time the government made a decision which became a goldmine for all those whose names you can meet on TV screens, with “Richest Russian” titles. The government decided to sell everything it has owned. Now, just imagine, the country where nobody had a right for a private property, has build thousands of world greatest factories, plants and other objects that can shock imagination. Those objects belonged to “everybody” formally, and belonged to the state actually.

The greatest factories producing steel, oil, mineral fertilizers etc etc were sold for a small group of people who were close to elite for prices hundreds times less their actual market price. The scheme was simple – the governmental clerk who for example sells a plant – he actually is not supposed to get anything from this act himself, he is acting on behalf of the state. But a guy who is going to buy comes to him and tells “I am giving you 1 million dollars in cash now, and tomorrow you make me a paper that I am now the owner of the great steel factory worth of $100M for another $1M.”. And practically all the deals were conducted in such a way. The main condition there was to have an acquaintance with a clerk who was in charge in selling this or that property on behalf of the state. Those clerks actually robbed the Russian state for billions of dollars.

So these was a way how the “Richest Russian People” became rich. They got all their great capitals from buying properties that belonged to Soviet people from a state for a low low price. And most of the Russian people now hate them. They understand that the state they live in was totally corrupted at the moment when this privatization happened, and stays totally corrupted now, when all the power in the country is warmed with the money of those who made the privatization deals earlier.

Probably you have heard a story of imprisonment of the Russia richest person Mikhail Khodorkovsky. All the polls in Russia show that most people don’t sympathize or feel any regret for such “unlawful act” as it is often being positioned in Western media. Why? Just because they know that he is actually a criminal as well as other “Richest People” because every man in Russia knows how all those people earned their capital. The process that took hundreds and hundreds years in the civilized countries took just a few years in Russia. Just imagine.

Timofey Kiselev

So tell me what do u guys think?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Ant and the Grasshopper

Older Version

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer building its house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The Grasshopper thinks the Ant is a fool and laughs & dances & plays the
summer away.

Come winter, the Ant is warm and well fed. The Grasshopper has no food or shelter so he dies out in the cold.

Modern Version

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer building its house and laying up supplies for the winter.

The Grasshopper thinks the Ant's a fool and laughs & dances & plays the summer away.

Come winter, the shivering Grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the Ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while others are cold and starving.

TV1, TV2 & TV3 show up to provide pictures of the shivering Grasshopper next to a video of the Ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.

The majority of the Malaysian Parliment stunned by the sharp contrast. How can this be that this poor Grasshopper allowed suffering so?

Khairy stages a demonstration in front of the Ant 's house .

Nazri goes on a fast along with other Grasshoppers demanding that Grasshoppers be relocated to warmer climates during winter.

MOst of the related people criticizes the Malaysia Government for not upholding the fundamental rights of the Grasshopper.

The local news paper & the Internet is flooded with online petitions seeking support to the Grasshopper (many promising Heaven and Everlasting Peace for prompt support as against the wrath of God for non-compliance) .

Deputy minister immediately passes a law preventing Ants from working hard in the heat so as to bring about equality of poverty among Ants and

Hishammudin makes 'More Special Reservation' for Grasshoppers in Educational Institutions & in Government Services.

The Ant; fined for failing to comply with 30% sharing and having nothing
left to pay his retroactive taxes; its home is confiscated by the Government and handed over to the Grasshopper in a ceremony covered by maju ---------.

Prime Minister announces to the whole Malaysia that this is part of the NEP and all have to respect, no question ask and have to follow it.

Many years later

The Ant has since migrated to the US and set up a multi-billion dollar company. 100s of Grasshoppers still die of starvation despite reservation somewhere in Malaysia because of loosing lot of hard working Ants and feeding the Grasshoppers, Malaysia is still a developing country!!!

All because the ANTS are still doing their work.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weird, very weird

I don't know why at the first place i create a blog, a blog belong to me. I have never thought of creating a blog of my own before this, how weird. Recently i encountered a lot of weird things happening to me, like what am i doin right now, im actually blogging. yeah, maybe i have thought of making one last time for my beloved car, but now i think i should using this for my next car or for myself.

The weird things happened recently:
  1. for the very first time i actually read the terms and conditions given by blogspot before i continue my registration. I've never read one before even though i know it roughly says bout privacy, content, the rights and stuff like that but this time i actually read everything.
  2. i starting to like being alone in my own world, i like be alone middle of the night talking to no ones, listening to jazz and drinking whisky. I enjoy drinking whisky alot, especially malt scotch whisky.
  3. This, yes. writing this is weird, i never write any diaries or journals before in my life.
  4. I have just realized that i actually dislike attending parties that have people that i doesn't know. I just don't feel comfortable. I only realized this yesterday after I have been attending parties for years.
  5. Books. Since i was a kid i never like to read especially thick story books that have only a lot of words, only words. Reading is not really that bad in fact is good that i started to read more but the weird thing is was reading Gossip Girls. So fucking gay!! I only read those chapters where the guy hit on the girls, so i guess it was alright. right? one fine day i might pose like her. FUCK!!! hell no!!
  6. I beginning like to write recently, poems, journals and this. Maybe i should post some of it here, shouldn't I?
  7. Dota, im not the type of guy who really like to play games at cybercafe but few days back when i being forced by my friends to play this game..it's actually quite fun.
Maybe this blog that i created can express myself better since hardly i talk to my friends about my personal things. Got once my friend told me that i shouldn't keep everything to myself, it will explode one day. So far it never exploded before as i always see things in a very optimistic point of view. There is show i watched last night showing where the teacher climbed up to a tree and tell their students that what they can see from the bottom is different compare to what he can see up from the tree. If they didn't even try to climb then they will never have see things in different point-of-view. This is very true i must say, at least you have to try.

Till now i still can't believe that im actually doing this, sitting on a wooden chair that making squirting sound whenever i move, facing my old Samsung SyncMaster 765MB monitor, pressing keys on my keyboard with surrounded with a alot of unnessasary stuff like tweezer, pens, calculators, chargers, letters and CDs expressing myself in a fucking blog!!! weird, very weird, very fucking weird. After all is not that bad, i can use this to express myself because to others i might be alright but deep inside im not and no one knows, or maybe to use this blog show my thought on everything, i can also use this blog to give my point of view to what ive seen in my daily life and lastly for my next coming car.
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