Monday, April 19, 2010

As tight as it was...

It was tight when its still new. But after been using for quite some got loose. Not as tight as it was.

I'd finally fixed it after for few months having a wobbly laptop screen. It even wobbles when wind blows. Thats how bad was it. It feels like its going to break anytime soon!!

So I dismantle the laptop to find the cause of the wobbly screen. I thought the hinge broke but luckily it wasn't. The screws only need to be tightened.

Now the screen is as tight as virgin..I like it!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Is been a long time since the last time I detailed my car. Brazillian carnauba wax, syntethic wax, swirl marks remover, microfiber cloth and clay bar. These are the items that got me busy during the weekends. I like my car in a showroom condition. There is no words can describe my feeling of looking at my car in shines after all the hard work. Is wonderful.

I had stop doing that. After I sold off my car.

Until today. On a sunny Sunday which is my favourate condition to wash my car. Though it's my company car but I cant stand it anymore with the bad condition.

Leaking oil, incomplete combustion, signal, brake and reverse indicators blown, handbrake not working, paint job that is almost as rough as the tarmac. This is how bad the condition of the car.

So I washed the car, clean the rims, vacuum the interior, change all the blown indicator lights, adjust the gas pedal free play, fix the irritating squeking brake pedal, service the carburetor and radiator.

I like to get my hands dirty.

After all the hard works took me about 4 hours. The weather starting to rain. Why every time i washes the car it rains just right after i wash the car. What a day.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Paula Tsui

Hmmm.. There is no one in the office. All I can hear is the cars on the highway passing by.

What a cooling Saturday. It wouldn't be perfect with out a song so I browse my phone to find a suitable song for the moment.

It started smoothly. Listening to the lyrics and beautiful melody. Then it stopped!! ahhhhhhhh..then only I remember it was the shorten version for the ring tone.

Never mind, with the advance technology we got internet connection and YouTube.

We will never see the newer generation singer can sing like her with so much noise and electronics.

The lyrics are meaningful though I can only understand part of it. Enjoy the video...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Something new

I remembered the first time I use a software called Adobe Photoshop. It was the time where Windows 95 were the most hot Operating System. Bro taught me how to use it though it was hard but since im interested. I played with it.

Time after time.
I mastered it. Not really master but I know how it works. How it can it edit the pictures into something more interesting.

Then i learn Flash. It was hard due to the programming langguage. I gave up. The most i can do is make a boll rolling or a box transforming into a rounded shape. That's it. Nothing more than that.
Now, for the last few weeks, i got interested on what the designer doing. The 3Ds Max

So i played with it whenever im free.

Yeah..the mattress look too square. I know. But for a first timer. Consider ok lahh. I only started learning about 3 weeks only weihh!

I added some lightings under the bed and side tables and wood flooring too.

Should practise i think it looks terrible..ISHHH!!!
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