Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A rifle... I thought

Today I took out a vintage to clean it a little, it was made by brass and corroded badly. It's been exposed to sun and rains for years. By the way this thing is older than me!!

I polished it to make it as new as possible but then my hand got tired after an hour so thats it for today.

Jabatan Bomba Pulau Pinang or instruction how to use this thing????

I used think that I got a rifle at home it really looks like one to me. Like the type that you need to put some gun powder in first then the bullet and compress it using a stick and wait for it to explode. If you watch Police Story 1 by Jackie Chan, you will know how it looks like.

Then on one day when my hand got itchy and curious. I took it out to play. My dad warned us not to play with it as it is dangerous. The more he say like that, the more curious I am.

It was covered by a bamboo for protection for the rifle but it only covers the body and left the head expose.

Just when im about to touch it, my mom found out and I got scolded badly for that. Then after that, I never touch it again untill when im big enough to check on it AGAIN.

What I found is, it's actually not a rifle but a WATER GUN!!! In older days where there is no fire trucks to pump the water up to put out the fire in buildings. They use this equipment.

And I got cheated for years by my mom saying that it is a rifle that used during the WWII

I guess that's the way the parents do when they want their children to stay away from something DANGEROUS
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