Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to scold your neighbour and remain anonymous

I've been hearing alot of stories from my friends, on the net, or even newspaper regarding their fucked up neighbour and yet do not know how to confront them. One of the reasons they will be seeing each other for a long time so is better to keep arguments minimal.

Neighbours are weird at times and sometimes you really want to screw them up nicely face-to-face but you just can't do it. But there is a way now. hehehehe. I found this on the net that you can actually scold your neighbour using Wi-Fi. YES!! WIFI!!!

What you need to do is just type what you wanna to scold in your network's name box like this..
So when your neighbour trying to connect to a nextwork will see this and the best thing is you will remain anonymous!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yesterday was the day!!

Yesterday was my birthday and as usual i dislike any kua cheong celebration. So i only went for a normal dinner with my friends and have a drinking session after that. As usual i got DRUNKKKKKKKKKKK and i puke four bloody times!! the first one was on the way back in my fren's car and i still manage calmly to tell my friend to stop the car. The conversation goes like this

*while in the car*

My frens: eh, u ok or not?

Me: I thinkkkkk i feel like pukingggg.

friend 1: u dont puke in the car ar..

Continue chit chatting

After 10 minutes

Me: ehhhh i think i really wanna puke laa. Okay, afterrrrr thissss you will be reaching Flamingo...then...u slowly pull aside after the flyoverrrrrr, then u stop by the side of the roadd... *explaining real slow*

My friend 2: WTF!! first time i saw someone when wanna puke still can be so conscious!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

It was my first time celebrating with someone sharing the same birthday as me. It was great

Then reached my fren's condo to drop her off, then i puke again..then reached my other fren's condo to take my car i puke again..then FINALLY reached home and i saw my bro just got reached home too..talked to him while he's still in the car cooling down his engine then i cant stand it anymore as is already 6:30am!! went to change then puke again in the kitchen!! The final one always the more powerful wan!!

Then the next day, my friend's bro's son birtday. Went to Banting, had karaoke session. I don't sing but what the hell it was my birthday so i selected 3 pages of songs to sing..HAHAHAHA Kena diu by my friends. They said usually i dont sing, once sing 3 pages of songs!!
Okay, I think I need to update more as this blog is getting dusty. hohoho

After for few days trying to update Camera Raw plugin in Adobe Photoshop CS I finally gave up and i went to buy CS3 instead. No matter how it paste the file into the plugins folder it still cant be updated. So i went to Desa Setapak to get it and i also wanted to try Adobe Lightroom but too bad its only a traning CD. Nvm, then i immediately go back and try to install CS3. Then the prob comes, at first, the laptop cant detect any cd in the ROM. WTF!! nvm, i kept trying for some times then only i noticed the CD is fucked up because is not flat and is scraping the laptop. Then i went all the way back to change the disc. Okay, this time at least it looks flat and the fella told me is normal for laptop to read it but on desktop it definitely can as he try on his desktop. As i try it for the second time, it's fucked up again!! I nearly try to burn on a dvd and try it again.

I lost hope and got lazy after that. Then i asked my bro whether he wanna get a new as im going to the computer shop nearby. Then this time, i get a DVD instead, Adobe Creative Suite CS3 which includes 14 others software. Then went to Carrefour to get 23" wide screen monitor, it was awesome!!

After installing the monitor, then my turn to try to install the CS3, alright, this time it can run but other problem occurs this time. After the autorun starts and after i click to start to begin the installation the setup window just disappear without any notification or what so ever!! magahaiiii. Then I google the prob and finally i got the solution to fix it. fuhhhh!! took half a day just to install photoshop. wtf! then more prob, now everytime i open photoshop it says adobe UI font need to be installed or reinstall. Meh hai oh!!!! the reason because i got around 1000 fonts and that's why it become like this but it never happened on CS. Anyway, i still can live with it for the mean time. Just i need to click more things before to run photoshop.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Issac's birthday

Im so out of idea to blog recently and the only way to keep it updated is posting up lame ass topic and upload with tonnes of pics. IM LAME!!!

Anyway, i attended my friend's birthday party at his house in Jenjarom. I slept all the way back from Jenjarom to KL. I was abit tipsy and tired on that night. Most of the pics of me holding a can of Carlsberg wtf. We had gambling session too as usual. Enough of talking, my eyes are closing. Here's the pics, happy viewing. Magehai ar..why suddenly sounds so rhyme? Fuck it

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in Genting

Went up to Genting Highland, did nothing much there. Just stayed in the room and drink whisky and relax myself for my holiday. However i caught on flu due to the raining weather there.

Then went for buffet dinner, eat eat eat and eat. then went out again to theme park because i bought ticket around 3pm but once enter the main entrance it started to rain cats and dogs. In the end of the day i only had three rides of games. wtf

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