Sunday, October 17, 2010

Try again, with a better one

Away from the city, away from the stress to fill in more pictures into my own collection of albums.

Pulau Ketam, I see you again.

This time I had a better one, I slowly walk around the island with my favorite Dunhill on my left hand while my right hand holding the FX. Is nice to have your own sweet time.

There is this one particular elderly man sitting under a roof, written there Persatuan Catur Pulau Ketam.

He was there, alone. Waiting for kakis? I dunno but this caught my attention.

So I grabed a chair. Sat beside him. Light up my beloved Dunhill. "Uncle, waiting for catur kaki ar"? That was my first question to him.

We talked for a while, saying there wont be anyone today to play chess as all preparing for fishing later in the evening for side income. While he's the owner of a coffee shop opposite the Chess Club. Closed.

Politics, it seems it's a very common topic to start a conversation with a stranger.

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