Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FORMULA DRIFT 2010 - The Actions

Had a good time at Formula Drift 2010 last Sunday at Dataran Merdeka and took some pictures too.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Decision been made. It is final and it hurts. Never been this pain before. She's my cousin sister more to my own sister as she been staying with us since 3 days on this world.

I taught her how to walk, feed her, put her to sleep, play with her, send her to school. Most of the things i was there for her. From a cute little baby to a teenager. From good to bad. From bad to worse. We did anything to guide her to the path untill a point that we're helpless. She just wouldnt listen anymore. We decided to let her go. To a better environment, leave everything here. Start a new life back to her dad's place.

I left my work earlier to send her there. I thought i will be able to hold my tears but once we about to leave she started to cry. I left from the scene and closed the door to be outside but once she opened the door i couldnt stand it anymore, i burst into tears and hugged her. It was hard for us and her. We been living together for 16 years as a family. We barely spend time together before we send her go.

At night, the phone finally ranged. Is her. Is her crying voice that i recognized earlier. She never been this sad before. I talked to her for a while to make go to bed. Then i send her a sms as i know that i will burst into tears again if i talk longer to her.

"I want to go back as soon as possible, i miss all of u so much, i am much happier there with u all than staying here. Good night too, take care, koko ;("

Is been 6 days. I still can't get used to it. The way i switch off the lights when she bathing, the way i tickle her, the way she poke tissue to my nose. Whenever im back from work, shes not there to open the door for me. The first thing that i will ask my parents when im baxk is where is her but now i know shes not here anymore.

I keep thinking of her. Misses her. Worrying her. Calling her to listen to her voice cure my heartache.

When will the time that we will see you again?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The same old answer

Few weeks back I fell a sick. Keep in mind, I don't usually get sick other than migraine.

I felt it coming as whenever I close my eyes I can feel the heat. Okay, I usually I will diagnose myself by looking at the symptoms of getting a fever or sick.

First, as I mentioned just now, can feel the heat when the eyes are closed.
Then sudden cough and weak.
Third, reddish throat.
Fourth, body-ache, ok..up to this point, I can choose whether to take MC or continuing to work.
Fifth, keep waking up from nightmare or dreams that I will get whenever I get sick. I just dunno why, i will have the same weird dreams everytime i got sick.

So halfway working I went to the clinic and i just wondering why most of the doctors like to scare the hell out of the patients for saying they MIGHT get Denggi, H1N1, JE or any other dangerous sickness??

Everytime I went to see them, they will tell me I might get Denggi. If they are so worry that I might get Denggi they can send me to the hospital for second inspection.

Anyway, I wasn't infected by Denggi, it was just a normal high fever which made me rest for 3 days at home. Had a good rest and as good as ever now.
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