Thursday, June 24, 2010


Is been a while since the last time I shoot HDR images.

Last weekend I went back to Penang to celebrate Cindy's 90th birthday.

Got a little free time with the cousins to go around Penang again..

So..apa lagi..shoot lah!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

If only..

Early morning traffic jams, BIG SIGHHHHH.

As we all know, it sucks!! Some says a person will show his/her real self when playing Mahjong but I says traffic jams..

We get so dulan and frustrated when get stuck in traffic, what's more when listening to the same songs over and over again on the radio station and worn out engine mountings that adding extra beats to the songs you listening.

How nice if the people are more friendly.

So if we got stuck in traffic at least we can have a random conversation with the car next to you.

Some taxi driver asked me for a light before and had a small talk complaining bout the road construction during pick hour and some politics.

If we could practice this, then I think it is better than any social networking sites and I think people don't mind get stuck in jams.

If only...
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