Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Six months? A year? Is been so long since the last time i posted something. Many things happened. Weddings, not mine. Sis is coming back in a month time. Fishing. Yeah i couldnt believe it either. I used to hate this particular hobby. Got invited by dad to join him when i was young and hate it but now im so loving it. Next hobby will be GOLF. I guess when we are getting older we will change. I even quit drinking and well..smoking, not really yet because i only cut down the sticks i puff. At least. Imm getting more health concern lately. Dunno why but is good though. Cleaned the house but looks the same due to my parents 'still-can-use' mindset. Business was slow after chinese new year so renovated the main gate for an extra parking space. The other reason is to forbit a neighbour from parking his car in front of my house eventhough there is space in front of his house. I guess im the stupid one. Spend few Ks just for not allowing my neighbour to park his car in front of my house though is cheap because own workers. Car broke down due to spoilt gearbox. Spent few Ks again for a replacement. Got a manual gearbox instead. I remembered reading somewhere that this year will be a bad yeat for my pocket. I guess its true. Thats all i can remember for the mean time. Updating regulary wont let me see the changes of me so much.

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